Untersuchung von Purzementmörtel in Hinblick auf die Anwendung in der Erdölindustrie

Translated title of the contribution: Investigation of pure cement mortars regarding to an application in the oil industry

Lisa Moser

Research output: ThesisMaster's Thesis


In the context of the present master thesis a pure cement mortar with a compression strength higher than 10^8 N/m² (100 MPa) and permeabilities higher than 10^(-15) m² (1mD) should be produced. These target values should be reached by variation of w/c-ratio, plasticizer addition and initiation of a micro crack network, which could be realized by addition of magnesia sinter or sand in combination with adequate sample conditioning. A literature research has been done to find out the most suitable method for defining the permeability of pure cement mortars. A stationary permeability measurement method based on CEMBUREAU-procedure was chosen and the measurements were done with the help of a gas permeameter of the company VINCI-Technologies. The measurements of permeability delivered values with a high statistical dispersion. Tests done to analyze the reproducibility of the measuring method pointed out that a standard variance of ± 20% should be expected for measurements done on the same cement mortar sample. The permeability values of different compositions of pure cement mortars were located in a measuring range between 0,1 and 2,7 mD. The closest result to the target value was achieved by samples with a w/c-value of 0,35. The compression strength in this case was equal to 75MPa and a permeability varied between 0,4 and 1,1 mD. According to the measurement data no significant dependence between the permeability and different w/c values or addition of plasticizer has been observed. On the contrary, the compression strength of the samples was strongly connected to their w/c value: decrease of w/c-value lead to higher the compression strength values. The initiation of micro cracks did not lead to increase of the permeability as it was expected.
Translated title of the contributionInvestigation of pure cement mortars regarding to an application in the oil industry
Original languageGerman
  • Drozd-Rys, Magdalena, Supervisor (internal)
  • Harmuth, Harald, Co-Supervisor (internal)
  • Wölfel, Sylvia, Co-Supervisor (internal)
Award date14 Dec 2012
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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  • cement mortar
  • permeability
  • gas permeameter
  • compression strength

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