Translated title of the contribution: PIPE, MORE PARTICULARLY A DISTRICT HEATING PIPE

Sandra Schlögl (Inventor), Gisbert Riess (Inventor), Rebecca Kramer (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


Proposed is a pipe (1), more particularly a district heating pipe, comprising a medium-carrying pipe (2) and lagging (3), more particularly made of polyurethane foam, which surrounds the medium-carrying pipe (2), wherein the medium-carrying pipe (2) and the lagging (3) are embedded in a thermoplastic outer pipe (4). To improve the heat insulation capacity it is proposed that at the end of the pipe the lagging (2) be provided with a barrier polymer (5) which is covalently bonded to the lagging (2).

Translated title of the contributionPIPE, MORE PARTICULARLY A DISTRICT HEATING PIPE
Original languageGerman
Patent numberWO2015054713
IPCF16L 59/ 14 A I
Priority date14/10/13
Publication statusPublished - 23 Apr 2015

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