Phasenbestimmung in ternären- und quartären Sn-Basislegierungen zur Legierungsoptimierung

Translated title of the contribution: Phase determination in ternary and quaternary Sn-based alloys for alloy optimization

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The thesis occupied with the investigation of ternary Sn-based alloys. The compositions Sn-Mg-Zn and Sn-Mg-Bi are to be submitted in this paper of an exact consideration concerning phase composition with different cooling-rates, changes in the structure by certain heat treatments and phases of hard-phases. Three different analysis methods will be applied. To receive the first impression about the intermetallic phases of both types of alloys, thermodynamic calculation will be done by using FactSage 6.3. For detailed statements regarding intermetallic phases and eutectic compounds, calculated cooling curves are an important source of information. The key part of the analysis is the DSC-measuring of both alloying systems which are carried out at different heating rates. These experiments are important in order to draw values between theoretically calculated values (FactSage) and the results which have a relativity “real” reference to applications as they are also used in the industry. Through a carefully evaluation of the different DSC-curves, it is able to get concerning the origin of intermetallic phases and eutectics. In addition to conclusions on the reproducibility of every single sample with different heating-rates, it also possible to get informations about the required energy for melting the material. The last step is a metallographic examination using LIMI and REM. Therefore the phase distribution of both alloys before and after the DSC-tests is definitely ascertainable. By combining the results of all these experiments, a defined statement should be possible, which of both systems is better to use as a bearing material for marine engines.
Translated title of the contributionPhase determination in ternary and quaternary Sn-based alloys for alloy optimization
Original languageGerman
  • Schlögl, Carina, Supervisor (external)
  • Antrekowitsch, Helmut, Supervisor (internal)
Award date20 Oct 2017
Publication statusPublished - 2017

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  • tin alloys
  • development of bearings
  • differential scanning calorimetry

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