Optimierung von Kunststoffrecyclatbunkern

Translated title of the contribution: Optimization of storage bins for recycled plastics

Robert Eduard Gegenhuber

    Research output: ThesisDiploma Thesis

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    The recycling of plastics products becomes of more and more importance, however the form of the recycled plastics particles causes problems during their handling process. Especially the discharge of stored material in to bins is quite tricky. The goal of this thesis is therefore to examine the problems of an existing construction for the discharge of shreddered PE and PA foil plastics of the company Majer Maschinenbau. Beside the handling of shreddered foil plastics the new constructions should be evaluated of their capability of handling PET flakes and CDs/DVDs. The basis of this work is a comprehensive literature search. The theory part of this thesis provide a widespread overview about bulk solid mechanics, the testing of bulk solids, the subject matter of bulk solid storage, the discharge of bulk solids, the basic principles of plastics and the characteristics of the material that should be stored. The existing construction provides the basic parameters for all new constructions. The visualisation of promising constructions was done by use of Solid Edge. This provided the possibility to estimate the weight of the construction. In coordination with the needs and requirements of the company four different constructions where selected for a closer examination regarding maintenance and special construction criteria.
    Translated title of the contributionOptimization of storage bins for recycled plastics
    Original languageGerman
    • Wirth, Stefan, Supervisor (internal)
    Award date30 Mar 2007
    Publication statusPublished - 2007

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