Konzept zur Automatisierung eines Thermoplast-Tapelegekopfes

Translated title of the contribution: A concept for automation of a thermoplastic tape laying head

Maximilian Tonejc

Research output: ThesisMaster's Thesis

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This master thesis deals with the development of an automation concept for a thermoplastic tape laying head. The basis for this concept are published scientific theses concerning the development of a thermoplastic tape laying head or at least the improvement of selected aspects like temperature control. The chair for pro-cessing of polymeric composites was supplying a list of required technical aspects that should find their way into the concept. The thermoplastic tape laying head will be available in different configurations. First of all there will be two positioning systems and second of all two heating systems will be used. For the test bench the chair is developing its own positioning system consisting of two linear motors installed in linear guidance. For this test bench a hot gas torch and a laser are going to be available. The other positioning system is a six axle jointed-arm robot. On this robot there is going to be a hot gas torch heating. Besides a comparison of components usually used in thermoplastic tape laying heads this master thesis explores the fields of signal processing and resulting challenges towards the hardware. A profile of requirements concerning actuators and sensors was created. In this profile specifications related to controlling were stated. Furthermore proper components for the tape laying head were chosen. Another field of this master thesis deals with software development. In particular the relations between specific software modules were pointed out. Therefore finite state machines were developed. For those finite state machines discrete states were identified and state transition tables were created. Finally the overall tape laying process was mapped as well as specific states were considered in more detail.
Translated title of the contributionA concept for automation of a thermoplastic tape laying head
Original languageGerman
  • Fauster, Ewald, Co-Supervisor (internal)
  • Schledjewski, Ralf, Supervisor (internal)
Award date28 Jun 2013
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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  • tape laying head
  • concept
  • automation
  • thermoplast

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