Joining of Tomographic Methods for Resolving Surface to Tunnel Data

Rudolf Konrad Fruhwirth

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P153 JOINING OF TOMOGRAPHIC METHODS FOR RESOLVING SURFACE TO TUNNEL DATA Abstract 1 Tomographic inversion is a considerably treated problem. As a consequence of still increasing computing capacity the algorithms drift away from ART/SIRT to more sophisticated methods. In combination with a conventional seismic survey for the detection of the rauhwacke – dolomite marble border we had the option to place receiver not only at the surface but also into an existing tunnel below the profile. Inverting the data several problems concerning outliers and static turned up. We enhanced the model plausibility by combining a robust statistical method and a
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - 2002
EventEAGE 2002 - Florenz, Italy
Duration: 27 May 200230 May 2002


ConferenceEAGE 2002

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