Innerbetriebliches Abwassermanagement

Translated title of the contribution: In-plant wastewater-management

Stefanie Köberl

    Research output: ThesisMaster's Thesis

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    Mondi Bags Austria GmbH is a paper-processing company, which produces paper bags for various products, such as construction materials, food and chemicals. Besides the Mondi Bags Austria GmbH, three other companies are residing at the same site. Mondi Coating GmbH, Westwind Verpackung GmbH and Napiag Kunstoffverarbeitung GmbH. All these companies share certain parts of the infrastructure, one of them being the provision and disposal of water. The wastewater is polluted with residues of organic and inorganic glue from the bag production as well as color-residues from the printing plant. The whole production-wastewater is collected centrally in a tank from where it is passed on into the sewage of the Abwasserverband Raum Zeltweg. In course of this study, an analysis of the current wastewater-management-system was carried out. Based on a mass flow analysis the goods and material flows were visualized. Furthermore suggestions for the optimization of the sampling and analysis of wastewater as well as possible processes for the pre-cleaning of the wastewater were developed.
    Translated title of the contributionIn-plant wastewater-management
    Original languageGerman
    • Adam, Josef, Co-Supervisor (external)
    • Sovic, Hrvoje, Supervisor (external), External person
    • Menapace, Hannes, Co-Supervisor (internal)
    • Lorber, Karl, Supervisor (internal)
    Award date25 Jun 2010
    Publication statusPublished - 2010

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    • water wastewater wastewater analysis

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