Improvements in the Sandvik PR200 reclaim efficiencies

William Hoani Haua

Research output: ThesisMaster's Thesis (University Course)


This project work paper studies where improvements in the Sandvik PR200 reclaim efficiencies could be made. In that respect the objective was defined to; research, evaluate and analyse the parameters, calculations and methods used in current industry practise in an effort to innovate and prove where improvements in reclaim efficiency could be made to existing PR200 type reclaimers which are being utilised in large-scale iron ore stockyard systems. This paper has therefore been structured in such a manner to provide the reader the best opportunity to understand, identify and define where improvements can be made. A summary of each section within this report is as follows: 1. Introduction: describes the field of study and outlines the objective as well as the key boundary conditions. 2. Scope of work: defines the precise outcomes targeted for section of the project work. 3. Background: provides history and substance to help solidify the value potential for further investigation into the topic. 4. Reclaim efficiency: defines in a summative and qualitative manner the key aspects which influences reclaim efficiency. Forms the largest part of this report from which a significant number of improvement practices were identified. 5. Reclaim theory: investigates and analyses the key theoretical parameters which can be utilised to calculate reclaim efficiency. 6. Case study: analyses a field study which was undertaken in conjunction with this project work including the key findings. 7. Conclusion: all relevant results are presented in a manner from which meaningful analyses and interpretations are drawn. 8. Recommendations: clear and concise summary of the outcomes of the research with comprehensive and insight into the significance of the results. In summary great value has been identified for the Sandvik Mining Systems business both upfront for greenfield projects as well as significant opportunities within existing brownfield operations and the aftermarket customer services sector.
Translated title of the contributionImprovements in the Sandvik PR200 reclaim efficiencies
Original languageEnglish
  • Moser, Peter, Supervisor (internal)
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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