Herstellung und Testung von Wabenkatalysatoren für die Methanisierung von kohlenstoffhaltigen Prozessgasen im Labormaßstab

Translated title of the contribution: Production and testing of structured honeycomb catalysts for methanation of carbon-based process gases in laboratory scale

Research output: ThesisMaster's Thesis

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At the Chair of Process Technology and Environmental Protection at Montanuniversität Leoben honeycomb catalysts for the CO- and CO2-methanation are required as part of several research projects. Up to now a repeatable production of the catalysts in terms of loading with catalytically active nickel, activity and stability was not given. Within the framework of this master thesis work instructions for the production of such honeycomb catalysts were created. In a first step a comprehensive literature research on possible coating methods and parameters for washcoat and catalytically active substance was carried out. On basis of these results, test series were derived in which honeycombs were coated (on a laboratory scale) and the influence of the parameter variation on the quality of coating and loading were investigated. The parameter variation includes not only the slurry manipulation by changing e.g. solids content or viscosity but also the immersion process of the honeycomb (e.g. immersion speed) and the calcination process. At the same time an additional reactor was built and comissioned, whose dimensions match the honeycomb catalysts produced. A selection of the honeycomb catalysts from the test series were catalytically activated and tested in regard to their activity in this reactor. The loading and stability of the coating was examined and assessed by weighing the honeycombs before and after the methanation tests. In addition to a reliable work instruction for the wet chemical catalyst production, a procedure for a successful activation of the catalysts could also be established. The conversion level of CO and CO2 of the produced catalysts during the methanation trials are comparable to those catalysts, which were manufactured until now at the Chair of Process Technology and Environmental Protection, but show improved adhesion of the coating and long-term stability. The newly built reactor can be used in future for further catalyst tests with honeycomb and bulk catalysts.
Translated title of the contributionProduction and testing of structured honeycomb catalysts for methanation of carbon-based process gases in laboratory scale
Original languageGerman
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  • Montanuniversität
  • Lehner, Markus, Supervisor (internal)
Publication statusPublished - 2021

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  • honeycomb catalysts
  • catalysts
  • CO2-methanation
  • catalytic methanation
  • catalyst production
  • wet chemical methods
  • reactor construction
  • catalysator activation
  • trials
  • laboratory scale

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