Flächenhafte Verschiebungsermittlung mit Methoden aus Particle Image Velocimetry PIV

Translated title of the contribution: Monitoring deformation of shotcrete surfaces using methods of particle image velocimetry and a 3d-scanner

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The use of total stations for monitoring deformations of the tunnel wall is state of the art in tunnelling. Its aim is to ascertain whether the temporary support is appropriate to the ground. At present its evaluation is based on less points often far away from each other. This thesis tries to supply an approach to increase the number of these points. The 3d-laserscanner Faro Photon is provided by the geodata group and image registration methods are used for it. Two experiments, one in the factory premises of Schretter CIE in Vils (Tirol) and one in the second bore of Bosrucktunnel in Upper Austria. Each provides scope for surveying a surface of shotcrete which is deformed during the course of the experiments. The computation of the movement of the shotcrete surface is realized by using the Open Source Code MatPIV contributed by the mathematic department of the university of Oslo and embedded in Matlab R2009a. It’s a code employed usually in experiments of fluid mechanics that uses image registration methods and is adapted to meet the three-dimensional problem of tunnelling. The experiments allow for the comparison of the movement of points gained by surveying them with total stations and of the movement of patches nearby which is determined by the adapted MatPIV code. Further the second experiment in Bosrucktunnel reveals the problems image registration methods encounter at construction sites employing drill and blast methods for advance.
Translated title of the contributionMonitoring deformation of shotcrete surfaces using methods of particle image velocimetry and a 3d-scanner
Original languageGerman
  • Galler, Robert, Supervisor (internal)
Award date4 Apr 2014
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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  • tunnelling
  • deformation
  • laser scan
  • particle image velocimetry
  • shotcrete

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