Evaluation of Excavation Methods for Jarosite Disposal Areas within Europe

Philipp Griedl

Research output: ThesisMaster's Thesis

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The objective of this study is to provide an overview of possible extraction methods for the excavation of hydrometallurgical zinc production residue (jarosite) out of slurry containment embankments. The ultimate goal is cost estimation for the most suitable excavation approach, which strongly depends on geo-mechanical properties of the residue. The main challenge to the subjective is the strong thixotropic and unstable behavior of the material. Considering safety, efficiency, costs and viability aspects, various mining methods for material removal are suggested. Benefits and disadvantages of different approaches are assessed with the conclusion that hydraulic mining ranks amongst the best available practices especially with regards to safety and efficiency. However, due to the fact that jarosite impoundments have not actually been excavated before, the bulk stability behavior of the material inside the impoundments is difficult to predict, therefore the considerations presented are merely theoretical. This thesis provides the foundation for ongoing research regarding this topic, which is undeniably necessary to produce the more precise statements which a bankable feasibility study would require. Knowledge of the genuine behavior of jarosite within landfills can only be gained through practical in-situ trials which are indispensable for developing proven and reliable mining approaches. As part of a larger interdisciplinary study analyzing the recyclability of jarosite and its profitability, this work also touches on the subject areas of metallurgy and mineral processing.
Translated title of the contributionBeurteilung von Abbaumethoden für Jarsoitschlammteiche innerhalb Europas
Original languageEnglish
  • Hartlieb, Philipp, Supervisor (internal)
Award date1 Jul 2016
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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  • jarosite
  • residue
  • hydraulic
  • mining
  • method
  • jarofix
  • metallurgy
  • iron
  • precipitation
  • zinc
  • recycling
  • evaluation
  • excavation
  • Griedl
  • Philipp
  • mineral
  • processing

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