Entwicklung eines Messsystems zur Durchsatzmessung am Beispiel eines mobilen Zerkleinerers

Translated title of the contribution: Development of a throughput measurement system for a mobile shredder

Daniel Perg

    Research output: ThesisMaster's Thesis


    Mobile shredders of Komptech GmbH are often used by contractors for special shredding jobs at various different locations. For these jobs the contractors often calculate the invoice according to the work time. Due to requests of many customers of Komptech GmbH, who would like to calculate the invoices in respect to the throughput of the machine, it is the goal of this master thesis to develop a throughput measurement system for mobile shredders. With said system, the mass and volume throughput should be measured continuously and be displayed in real time. Additionally the accumulated total mass and volume have to be calculated and displayed at the end of the measurement. This master thesis begins with an introduction and the problem definition. Next, the fundamentals in conveying technology in mobile machines, wood as conveying material, measurement of mass and volume throughput as well as artificial intelligence are being established. In the subsequent conceptual design, possible measurement systems as well as different measuring points are described, evaluated and selected. Next, the 3D design of the measurement system is conducted with PTC Creo Direct Modeling. This design, as well as the integration in the machine, is documented. Then a prototype experiment is conducted to create data from which recommendations for the commissioning and calibration of the measurement system are derived. Concepts for an automated throughput optimization create a conclusive outlook in the future of shredders in the digitalized world. These concepts are the first steps to create an autonomous and intelligent shredder.
    Translated title of the contributionDevelopment of a throughput measurement system for a mobile shredder
    Original languageGerman
    • Kessler, Franz, Supervisor (internal)
    Award date20 Oct 2017
    Publication statusPublished - 2017

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    • throughput
    • measurement
    • shredder

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