Corrosion behavior of as-cast Mg-5Sn based alloys with In additions in 3.5 wt% NaCl solution.

X.J. Wang, Z.N. Chen, J. Ren, H.J. Kang, E.Y. Guo, Jiehua LI, T.M. Wang

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The corrosion behavior of as-cast Mg–5Sn–xIn (x = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, all in wt%) alloys in 3.5 wt% NaCl solution was investigated using weight loss, hydrogen evolution and electrochemical test. The results showed that the microstructures of all alloys consisted of typical coarse dendrites without the presence of any In-rich phase. The corrosion resistance of Mg–5Sn–xIn alloys was enhanced monotonously with increasing In content up to 3 wt%. The electrochemical measurements revealed that such improvements could be mainly attributed to the retardation of cathodic reaction, decreasing the rate of hydrogen evolution.

Original languageEnglish
Article number108318
Pages (from-to) 108318
Number of pages11
JournalCorrosion science
Issue numberMarch
Early online date19 Nov 2019
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2020

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