Analyzing Municipal Future Energy Grids Using the Cellular Approach

Benjamin Böckl, Lukas Kriechbaum, Thomas Kienberger, Christina Oberrader

Research output: Contribution to conferencePosterResearch


Rising shares of renewable energy and theirfluctuating and sometimes poorly predictablecharacteristics result in increasing residual loads.In order to reduce inter-regional balancing andhence excessive stress for the grid, balancingresidual loads on a regional level becomes moreand more interesting.Furthermore today’s development of local gridsfor power, heat and gas generally occurseparately, whereas in the future hybrid solutionsfor various energy forms will be taken intoaccount.In this work a so called “cellular approach” iscomposed to treat municipal energy systems on atime-resolved and spatial basis. The aim is toinvestigate whether and to what extent aregional energy balance can be realized in orderto reach maximum power autarchy.
Original languageGerman
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 30 Jun 2016

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