Method and device for producing molten material

Franz Hauzenberger (Erfinder), Norbert Rein (Erfinder), Kurt Wieder (Erfinder), Johannes Schenk (Erfinder), Bogdan Vuletic (Erfinder), Martin Schmidt (Erfinder), Johann Wurm (Erfinder), Robert Millner (Erfinder)

Publikation: PatentPatentschrift


The invention relates to a method for producing molten material, wherein oxygen, reducing agents and iron that has been reduced in a reduction reactor are introduced into a melter gasifier (3). The reducing agent is gasified with the oxygen and the heat thereby produced melts the reduced iron. The coupling gas from the melter gasifier (3) is used at least as a portion of the reduction gas. Reacted top gas is withdrawn from the reduction reactor (1). The aim of the invention is to increase energy efficiency and raw material efficiency. For this purpose, at least a portion of the thermal energy of the top gas and/or of the portion of the reduction gas used as the cooling gas and surplus gas is used for indirectly heating at least one additional gas that is used in the method. At least one heat exchanger (15, 18, 21) is arranged in a line (9 and/or 23) for the top gas and/or the portion of the reduction gas used as the cooling gas and surplus gas, at least one additional gas used in the method flowing through said heat exchanger (15, 18, 21).

IPCC21B 13/ 14 A I
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 27 Jan. 2010

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